Jamilah Henna Hair Colors – Black, Brown, Chestnut, Burgundy etc.

Jamilah’s Black Henna

Black is beautiful and a color of choice to the masses. It is the most widely used color as it gives an absolute natural look and also makes the hair look more shiny and lustrous. Black henna covers up white and grey hair completely, bringing back the natural subtle look.

The product has been formulated very carefully giving your hair the perfect black colour with smoothness and natural conditioning. It is an easy to prepare and use product with great benefits.

Jamilah’s Brown, Burgundy and Chestnut Henna

Brown, Burgundy and Chestnut make you feel young and different. These days everyone is looking for a change in there outlook and colouring your hair the different way is the trend these days. Beautiful and lustrous dark brown hair is an easy alternative from the usual black hair. People of all ages can carry the color.

Burgundy is the color of confidence and attitude. It gives an extreme makeover and also makes one feel different and vibrant from many and also defines a new style statement.

Chestnut is the right color making a balance between dark brown and burgundy, giving customers the privilege of showing off there hair with pride. It is a classy unique shade which is prepared very carefully.

No Ammonia, Herbal Based and Very high quality ingredients