Jamilah Henna

Leading Exporter of Henna Powder in India

K K Exports India is selling its best range of natural and economical henna products under the brand name "Jamilah" which means beautiful in Arabic. People, these days, are much concerned about their looks, majorly manifested by the hair. In the race of having beautiful colored hair, they opt for chemicals & dyes.

Seeing this huge hair color requirements, we have brought you our own naturally cultivated henna products in different shades and colors. All our products are 100% natural and have been organically grown without using any chemicals, leaving you astonished with beautiful colored and lustrous hair.

Black Henna Manufacturers

It doesn't matter whether you already have black hair or want to deepen your dark brown hair, when you apply our black henna on your hair, it naturally gives lustre and deep dark color to your hair.

Brown Henna Manufacturers

Are you looking for branded brown henna powder? If yes, then it’s a high time to get your very own Jamilah brown henna powder and give it a shot once! If you have naturally brown colored hair, then go for our manufactured brown henna powder which is organically produced using herbs and natural substances.

Chestnut Henna Manufacturers

Our top export quality Chestnut Henna powder, available under the brand name, Jamilah, gives a pleasing deep brown-black shade of which ultimately manifests the actual beauty of your hair. Chestnut is dark brown, appears almost black in color and is acquired by a chestnut tree.

Burgundy Henna Manufacturers

Burgundy Henna is one of the most preferred hair colors among youths. The reason being the classy appearance that it gives to the hair is unbelievable and another reason is that it suits all skin tones, primarily on the fair and wheatish complexion.

Premium Henna Manufacturers

Who doesn’t want beautiful and healthy hair, full of swings and a lighter shade of color that can add extra shine to the hair? Our idea is to make you aware of the fact that going natural is the best and beneficial way towards long-lasting and lustrous hair.

Powder Henna Manufacturers

Dying hair has become one of the daily routines of people these days. However, in this hair care routine, the dyed color is not permanent and needs to get reapplied again and again to hide the greys.