Chestnut Henna

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Chestnut henna with the brand name, Beulin is a trending affair among people when it comes to coloring hair with natural coloring product. There are umpteen natural and fresh ingredients that are mixed in the right proportion to give a deep chestnut color to the product. The raw materials include fresh Indigo leaves, Henna leaves, Rhubarb, Centaurea, and beetroot.

While the application process, the smooth paste is applied on hair and as a result it spreads from the tip down to the roots, flashing a subtle and highlighted stranded chestnut hair color. Also, it spreads evenly that all greys get covered under its dazzling chestnut layer. With the fragrant and under-managed hair, you can be ensured that it will remain so even after a long time.

It is worth noticing that if you continue to dye your hair with natural chestnut henna powder, your hair may get covered with the applied color for a long time and the color gets elegant as time passes by.

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There are two main benefits of henna to the hair - conditioning and coloring

Henna as Conditioner - While considering the conditioning effects of henna, it strengthen the hairs, works as an anti-fungal and reduces the occurrence of dandruff and lice. Henna reduces the probability of scalp infection by working as an anti agent against the bacteria which are responsible for scalp production. If one has the tight curly hair, henna loosens those to make the hair brushing more comfortable.

Henna as Color - Its effects of coloring are not like the synthetic dyes, it deepens the hair color with red transparent as applied over many times. It can to be used to lighten the hair however it provides a red and reddish shining on the dark colored hairs.

How to Use Henna
  • For Optimal Dye, Henna is most effective in an acidic, warm and humid environment.
  • After the application, it must be given time for releasing by itself and better colouring.
  • A long lingering rinse is needed to remove it completely from the hair and scalp.
  • Use of gloves and a protective jacket is recommended while applying the henna to hair or any other part of the body because it can easily stain your skin and clothes which then becomes very difficult to remove.
Using henna on hairs

There is no special requirement before the application of henna on hairs, but still there are some things that might be helpful like the pre washing of hairs is not recommended because it will remove the natural oil that lies within the hairs and you will not be able to completely utilize the benefits of henna. The henna layer seals the natural oil within the hairs to ensure the better colors, shine and strength. If your hairs are of dry nature, you can so some oil conditioning before the application of henna. The henna recipe can be prepared according to the requirement of the users but for most of the users the basic recipe of henna paste (50% Lemon Juice + 50% distill Water + Henna Powder as per the requirement).

Quantity of Henna

The quantity of henna required depends on the length of your hairs. A 100 gm per ft of hair is enough for optimal coloring and if your hairs are short make use of approx 50 gm henna powder.